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Arts and Crafts incorporate several hobbies and activities which normally involve the production of unique hand-made items. People of all ages enjoy arts and crafts because it is fun and also a wonderful way to learn new skills and techniques to exhibit creativity. There are instances where it becomes necessary to buy large quantities of craft supplies. It is more likely for crafts supplies to be bought in bulk by schools, camps and some non-profit organizations. However, supplies may also be purchased in generous quantities by a single individual. The great thing about craft supplies is that they retain the ability to be stored for very long periods until you are ready to use them. There are many websites devoted to the sale of craft supplies a few of these sites will be listed below with a brief overview of what each site has to offer.
Websites that Specialize in the Sale of Wholesale Craft Supplies
They provide competitive prices because all their stock comes directly from manufacturers and large scale importers of craft supplies.
They ship chiefly to customers in the United States, but have extended shipping to other international locations. If an order is placed by noon it will be shipped on the same day.
They have a prominent supply of 1000 different unfinished cast resign figures, large collections of Rusty tin products and unfinished paper mache figures an objects.
Other craft supplies include adhesives, craft paints and mediums, Hardware, Decorative Rings , Musical Movements, Slate, Stencils, Craft Wire, Decorative Wire, Wood Products, Primitive/Country Craft supplies, and many more other useful items.
Craft site directory
This is an online Directory for craft supply wholesalers. It contains a lot links to several different websites that cater to all your craft supply needs.
It displays a comprehensive list of all of these locations along with a short summary of what each has to offer.
As their slogan suggests “Save with Wholesale Beads, Findings & Jewellery Making Supplies Direct From The Factory” this site is dedicated to the sale of some craft supplies specifically those needed to make jewellery. It will fulfil a part of your craft supply needs. However for a greater variety of tools other wholesalers should be visited.
This site is an online directory of several different types of wholesalers there are a few Craft supply wholesalers listed within this category.  However, you will need to search the list properly as there are a vast number of other suppliers that do not sell art supplies listed. Therefore it is possible to overlook the craft wholesale suppliers that are displayed.
Craft Hobby Wholesale
This site specializes in the sale of a wide range of arts and crafts supplies including beads, buttons, stickers, craft kits, paint, feathers, googly eyes, foam shapes, and many more suitable items.
If you purchase over $100 worth of items you will not pay any shipping fees. The minimum amount that must be spent is $20.

It is vital that you shop around to get the best values available.

It is possible to visit a wholesale site that does not offer particularly competitive prices.

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